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First off, we did not write most of these files - we merely collected them and made formatting edits. Most of the files have been edited to display well in an 80-column fixed-width format, so you can either view them directly or download them. If you bring them up in a word processor, set the font to a fixed-width format, and play with the font-size and margins until it looks good (ie, with a Mac, set the font to Monaco, the font-size to 9, and the margins to 1 inch). The files themselves aren't named very clearly. So, for your convenience, here is an index to the files.

  • The last J. Alan Pfaff version of the RHPS FAQ - November, 1997
  • Version 1.0a of the RHPS FAQ - November, 1993

Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment Scripts/Screenplays

Audience Participation Scripts

Note: many of the scripts have numerous errors. t-rhps.txt is chock full of them, and it also doesn't have stage directions (which means that unless you're familiar with the film, it won't make much sense). t-trhs.txt hasn't been edited yet, so it may look a bit weird.

  • AP Script by Katzir Tal (Script.All) - Mar 17, 1999
  • AP Script by None Ya (NYC - 8th Street & Eastside)
  • AP Script by Brian Cox (Sacramento, CA - Absent Friends)
  • AP Script by Thomas R. Schmidt (Cleveland, OH - Cedar Lee)
  • AP Script by ???

Rocky Horror Script in "Dialects"

Rocky Horror Crossover Fiction

Rocky Horror Non-Crossover Fiction

Rocky Horror Humor

Rocky Horror Parodies

Arthur Levesque has gone on to become the "Weird Al" of Rocky Horror, and maintains a page chockful of RHPS song parodies (and other interesting stuff) at http://users.erols.com/backslash/rhps.html Rocky Horror Non-Fiction