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The Rockypedia Table of Contents

This is the master table of contents for Rockypedia. While the basic format of this site is a Wiki, meaning that articles are grouped into portals which represent areas of interest, this table of contents will also help you find what you're looking for in a more traditional manner.


Basics about the FAQ

History of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Portal:RHPS History

History of the RHPS Rocky Horror Elsewhere

Portal:Trivia Errors and Trivia

History of the Rocky Horror Show

History of the RHS

Rocky Horror Casts


RHPS Casts

The Audience Experience

Basics about the RHPS Attending the RHPS

Fan Clubs

Fan Clubs

Rocky Horror in Print

Books and Magazines

Rocky Horror Pop Culture References

Shock Treatment and Sequels

Shock Treatment

Rocky Horror Actors


Barry Bostwick Charles Gray Jonathan Adams Meat Loaf Nell Campbell Patricia Quinn Peter Hinwood Richard O'Brien Susan Sarandon Tim Curry Where are they now?





Scripts Shooting script

Rocky Horror on the Web

Rocky on the net

Fun Stuff

1001 Ways to Get Kicked Out of a 24-Hour Diner