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Is there an official sequel to RHPS?

No. However, Richard O'Brien announced in 1999 that he was working on a sequel for the stage, tentatively entitled "Rocky Horror: The Second Coming," with Janet having Frank's baby. In October 2001 he finished the first draft. We don't know much about it except that Columbia also returns and that Frank will sing the song "I'm Not Dead Yet." It appears to have gone nowhere. You can hear "I'm Not Dead Yet" if you purchase a copy of the DVD "An Evening with Richard O'Brien."

There may some day be a made-for-TV remake; Richard went to LA to talk with Lou Adler and Fox about it, also in October 2001. Despite persistent rumors, it appears this is also going nowhere, which many fans consider to be just as well.

Details as printed in Crazed Imaginations #75, straight from Richard O'Brien himself.

What about Revenge of the Old Queen?

Like that's ever going to happen. Richard O'Brien has said he doesn't want to see it made. Look for it at about the same time Hell freezes over. For those truly interested, tho', here's some information...

New Characters:

  • The Old Queen - a very large royal grandmother
  • Steve Majors - younger brother of Brad
  • Lord DeLordy - first cousin to the Old Queen
  • Ray Ammbo - head of UFO investigatory agency
  • Sonny Ammbo - young and sexy rock star and regular Frankie fan
  • Judy Brankmire - UFO investigatory agent
  • Mary Lou - Ray's secretary

New Songs:

  • The Moon Drenched Shores of Transylvania
  • Sweet on the Street (?)
  • Short End of the Stick
  • I'm a Mother
  • Love at First Sight
  • Never Let Your Daughter Date an Alien
  • Judy Judy Judy
  • I Want to Get my Own Back
  • No Hiding Place
  • Little Old Heart Stopping Me

At least some of the songs made it as far as a demo tape; this was confirmed at the London Transylvania '92 convention. A script (very much a work in progress) is available at

What about Rocky Horror Shows His Heels?

"Rocky Horror Shows His Heels" was a planned sequel to Rocky Horror. A script exists (fan Larry Viezel got it when he got Michael White's archives) and apparently a demo tape was made of some of the songs.

The plot includes most of the players from Rocky Horror; Frank and Rocky come back from the dead; Janet is pregnant; Dr. Scott and Brad become gay lovers (no, really) and even Columbia returns as a ghost in a jukebox. The citizens of Denton are transformed into flaming transvestites with liberal applications of fairy dust, which is less ridiculous than it sounds when you realize a similar device was used to render Brad and Janet pliable for the floorshow in the original play.

Many of the songs were reworked and made it into Shock Treatment, such as "Little Black Dress" (sung by Frank about what one wears to one's resurrection), "Bitchin' in the Kitchen," "Thank God I'm A Man," "Look What I Did to My Id," "Breaking Out," "Duel Duet," and "Looking for Trade." So if the songs in Shock Treatment don't make any sense, blame Rocky Shows His Heels.

Essentially Jim Sharman said he didn't want to do a sequel so Richard went in another direction. Which brings us to...

What about Shock Treatment?

What about it? To quote Richard O'Brien, it's "not a sequel, not a prequel, but an equal." It's just another movie. Granted, it happens after RHPS happens (we assume), but it's no more a sequel to RHPS than Silence of the Lambs is a sequel to Manhunter.

What is Shock Treatment?

  • Known professionally as Electro-Shock Therapy, it is when electric currents are sent through the brain of extremely psychotic people.
  • It is also a rockin' song by The Ramones.
  • Additionaly, it's a black and white murder mystery movie from 1964 (not related to RHPS).

What is Shock Treatment really?

Okay, okay... Shock Treatment (original working title "The Brad and Janet Show") is the continuing story of Brad and Janet Majors, written by Richard O'Brien and made into a movie in 1980. The production notes from the press kit are available at Are you satisfied now?

Is it a sequel to RHPS?


What is the cast list for ST?

Note: Links in this section are to entries in the Internet Movie Database

Farley Flavors.........................Cliff DeYoung

Brad Majors............................Cliff DeYoung

Janet Majors...........................Jessica Harper

Bert Schnick...........................Barry Humphries

Judge Oliver Wright.................Charles Gray (RIP)

Nation McKinley......................Patricia Quinn

Cosmo McKinley......................Richard O'Brien

Dad (Harry Weiss)...................Manning Redwood

Mom (Emily Weiss)..................Darlene Johnson

Nurse Ansalong.......................Nell Campbell

Betty Hapschatt......................Ruby Wax

Ralph Hapschatt......................Jeremy Newson

Macy Struthers.......................Wendy Raeback

Rest Home Ricky.....................Rik Mayall

Neely Pritt..............................Betsy Brantley

Vance Parker...........................Christopher Malcolm

Oscar Drill..............................Gary Shail

-Glish...............................Donald Waugh
-Brenda Drill......................Claire Toeman
-Frankie............................Sinitta Renet
-drummer..........................David John
-guitarist...........................Gary Martin

Neely's Crew............................Perry Bedden

 Rufus Collins (RIP)

Floor Manager...........................Ray Charleson

Kirk.........................................Eugene Lipinski

Irwin Lapsey.............................Barry Dennen

Wardrobe Mistress.....................Imogen Claire (RIP)

Guy on Phone...........................Sal Piro

What is the song list for ST?

  • Overture
  • Denton, U.S.A.
  • Bitchin' In The Kitchen
  • In My Own Way
  • Thank God I'm a Man
  • Farley's Song
  • Lullaby
  • Little Black Dress
  • Me of Me
  • Shock Treatment
  • Carte Blanche
  • Looking for Trade
  • Look What I Did to my Id
  • Breaking Out
  • Duel Duet
  • Anyhow, Anyhow
  • Overture (reprise)
  • Shock Treatment (reprise - single version)

What different versions of ST exist?

As with most movies that go from various film releases to video and to cable, there are several versions of Shock Treatment available (though not as many as there are of RHPS). The most significant thing about Shock Treatment is that the videos have flaws (so rest assured that it's not just your copy). Here's what to look for.

Original theatrical release (1981) and Japanese Laserdisc (1987):

  • "Shock Treatment" reprise plays after closing credits

16mm film release (1982):

  • "Farley's Song" is remixed (to sound as if it's coming from a monitor)
  • "Breaking Out" is remixed (it's muffled when camera is on Betty and Oliver)
  • "Shock Treatment" reprise plays after closing credits

U.S. video (Key Video #1184; 1984):

  • Has blue border around cover art
  • Soundtrack flaw during "Overture"
  • Soundtrack flaw during "Farley's Song"
  • "Shock Treatment" reprise plays after closing credits

European video (1985):

  • Soundtrack flaw during "Overture"
  • Soundtrack flaw during "Farley's Song"
  • "Shock Treatment" reprise plays during closing credits

U.S. video re-release (CBS/FOX; 19??):

  • No blue border around cover art
  • Soundtrack flaw during "Overture"
  • Soundtrack flaw during "Farley's Song"
  • "Shock Treatment" reprise plays after closing credits

DVD release (2006)

  • Anamorphic widescreen
  • English 5.1, Dolby Surround and English and Spanish Mono
  • Spanish, French and English subtitles.

Bonus materials include: • Audio commentary by fan club presidents "Mad Man" Mike Ellenbogen and Bill Brennan • "DTV Presents: A Shockumentary" making-of featurette • "Let's Rock 'n Roll: Shock Treatment's Super Score" music retrospective featurette • Original theatrical trailer • International trailer

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How can I see ST?

Many theatres have showings periodically (usually in conjunction with, or instead of, RHPS). If there is a showing near you, GO. It's pretty darn rare and you may not get another opportunity to see it on the big screen unless you go to a con. Maybe not even then.

Shock Treatment was a regular feature at Rocky Horror conventions, but now that public DVD rights are questionable, this is a little harder to pull off - it may require getting a 35mm print. Shocky is often shown on a dinky screen in a hotel ballroom, but on the bright side there will be a full cast of people trying to act it out in front of the dinky screen.

It is also available on video, DVD, and it plays on cable TV periodically as an oddity.

Is ST anything like RHPS?

It was written by the same person and executed by the same creative team (director/costumes/set design/musical arrangements), so there are similar elements, notably in style of writing and music. Due to the writers' strike, action is limited to a single location (the DTV studios). However, the similarities end there. ST has a much larger cast; has very minimal sex and lingerie (it's the button-down 80s, not the wild glitter/glam of the 70s); and is not a satire of any particular cinematic genre. With the advent of reality television, it's looking more like a brilliant satire, but it was perhaps 20 years ahead of its time. Shocky also endured multiple rewrites instead of being dashed off in the author's free time, and the fact that it was written and rewritten for the screen instead of evolved from a successful stage musical (with the associated opportunities to see what worked and what didn't) is quite obvious. Most Rocky Horror fans are disappointed the first time they see it.

Whereas RHPS is a satire of the B-movies, Shock Treatment is a satire of television and game shows. The town of Denton has become one big television studio, and Brad and Janet get swept away in it. Some songs to look out for include "Bitchin' in the Kitchen", "Little Black Dress", "Duel Duet" and of course "Shock Treatment."

Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn return as Cosmo and Nation McKinley. (Little) Nell Campell is Nurse Ansalong. Charles Gray is Judge Oliver Wright. Ralph Hapschatt is played by the same actor; his ex-wife Betty is played by newcomer Ruby Wax. Brad and Janet are also played by new people - Cliff DeYoung and Jessica Harper (a brunette!). They sing better than Barry and Susan, but Jessica can't lip-synch for anything. Three of the Transylvanians have notable screen time as the wardrobe mistress (Imogen Claire) and Neely's crew (Rufus Collins and Perry Bedden). Others and original stage Rocky Horror Rayner Bourton appear in the studio audience.

Do casts perform for ST?

Sometimes. Traditionally, these performances are excellent, most likely owing to the fact that they're not as common as RHPS performances.

Your best bet for seeing or participating in a Shock Treatment performance is to attend a national RHPS convention. It's been featured at almost every single one since the 1996 Milwaukee convention. All you usually need to participate in a con cast is a good-looking costume and knowledge of the part (pull out that video, kids!).

Is there Audience Participation for ST?

There is some, yes. Many people felt that ST was trying to be a cult movie, and since such a thing has to evolve rather than be created, there's not as much as in RHPS. It's also hard to create good AP when you only see the film a couple of times a year. There are two ST AP scripts; they're both linked to from

How can I find out where ST is playing in my area?

Check the theatre listings, or ask your local RHPS cast. Don't hold your breath, though. Shock Treatment doesn't play on a regular basis like RHPS does. Your best bet is probably at a Rocky Horror con.

What is some ST trivia?

A couple spiffy little quizzes (Quiz 1 | Quiz 2) were written by Joe Blevins.

Here're some other tasty tidbits, as well.

  • Barry Bostwick had other filming commitments, and couldn't appear in the movie.
  • Susan Sarandon demanded one million dollars to reprise the role of Janet, which was more than the film's budget could withstand.
  • Tim Curry was offered the dual role of Brad and Farley, but turned it down because he didn't think he could handle the American accent.
  • Cliff DeYoung (Brad Majors) was the original pick for Brad in RHPS.
  • Christopher Malcolm (the original Brad on the London stage) has a substantial role as security guard Vance Parker.
  • Barry Humphries (Bert Schnick) is most famous for playing Dame Edna, the cross-dressing talk show host who has appeared on a number of American TV specials for NBC, and on Broadway in 1999.
  • Richard O'Brien has been quoted as saying he thinks that Shock Treatment is his worst performance ever, and Patricia Quinn has said she still doesn't understand the plot.
  • Sal Piro has a cameo - he's talking on a telephone in the opening sequence, wearing a really silly plaid suit.
  • The idea to have ST take place totally within a sound stage was conceived by Jim Sharman after $5 million suddenly became unavailable due to the 1979-80 Screen Actors' Guild strike. The original plan was to have the film shot at natural locations in Texas.
  • Cosmo and Nation are rumoured to be Riff and Magenta hiding out because the computer information on them has no listing for their origin, Betty said that they had a popular series in England (RHS?), they're siblings/lovers, and in the old series, they didn't have a convertible.
  • Judge Oliver Wright (played by Charles Gray) could well be our nameless and neckless Criminologist, having received a promotion for his painstaking investigation of The Denton Affair.
  • Many of the costumes/props from RHPS are in the wardrobe room.
  • The original stage show Rocky, Rayner Bourton, appears in the audience (he's one of the singing soldiers, the one in the middle), as do several Trannies (confirmed in "Rocky Horror: From Concept to Cult")
  • The original shooting script for "The Brad and Janet Show" (Shock Treatment's original title) lacked the character of Bert Schnick (and included Dr. Scott instead).
  • On a related note, check Cosmo's plans for the little black dress: they read "The Brad and Janet Show."
  • The number 4711 appears on a computer screen when Betty is researching Brad and Farley.
  • The character Francine demands to be called Frankie, in reference to our favorite Transvestite.
  • The Transylvanian thunderbolt is on the wall in the room where the cast performs "Little Black Dress" (next to a warning "High Voltage").
  • During the song "Looking for Trade," the video game "Space Invaders 2" is shown (i.e., RHPS was Space Invaders 1).
  • In the microfiche newspaper that Betty reads, one of the headlines is "UFO Sighted over Denton."
  • Frank's throne is seen on the "Faith Factory" stage, painted red. (Brian Thomson confirmed this in a September 2001 interview with fanzine Crazed Imaginations.) Someone polishes the throne just as an announcer says "in anticipation."
  • There's a Time Magazine in the Research Lab with the "RHPS" lips on the cover. The headline says, "CULT MOVIES."
  • Richard Hartley was at one point considering a stage show of Shock Treatment; he attended the Denton Affair convention in 2005 largely so that he could see how the shadowcast performed it.

taken word-for-word from a bio of Jim Sharman:

O'Brien originally conceived the film [Shock Treatment] as a very direct sequel, in which Janet seeks Dr. Scott's help because Brad has turned gay after his night with Frank N. Furter. Rocky was not killed, having the same immortality as Frankenstein's Monster, and he too seeks out Dr. Scott to try and resurrect Frank. They succeed, and Frank was to sing "Little Black Dress" about what to wear to one's resurrection.

taken from the book "Midnight Movies":

The sequel began with Rocky Horror scrambling out of the grave of the crater left by the house taking off, dragging the body of Frank across some hills to a house which Dr. Scott had taken to look at the ashes, sort of check out the ashes. Brad had broken up with Janet and went to live with Dr. Scott. After Rocky, with Frank's body, breaks through a window in Scott's house and asks the good doctor to bring Frank back to life, they all repair to Denton, where Janet is having Frank's baby. A big party is held to celebrate the "son of Frank," but Riff Raff and Magenta, disguised as hospital orderlies, steal the baby, go off in an ambulance and off into the future.

In the early 2000s, Richard O'Brien was working on bringing his original conception of the sequel to the stage. Lord only knows when (if) it will come out; it was originally planned for winter 2000.

How can I get the rights for a showing of ST?

See section How can I get the rights for a showing of RHPS. Note that Shock Treatment is only available on 35mm, and plan well in advance.