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The Rockypedia Technical Portal

Sound, lighting, and all that good techie stuff

Featured articles

Brian Thomson interview - Crazed Imaginations #76. Set designer Brian Thomson talks about the origin of the Usherette and how Magenta kept chickens. Interview by an Australian fan who visited Brian's home.

Lou Adler interview - Crazed_Imaginations #72. The man who brought Rocky Horror to the US and got the movie made talks about his music career, bringing the Rocky Horror Show to the Roxy, and why he thinks Tim Curry should have won an Oscar.

Portal-Specific Content

In just seven days... A former Berkeley cast tech muses on what you should think about before setting up your show technically - storage space? extra supplies/tools? Reprinted from Crazed Imaginations #74

Let there be sound! Reprinted from Crazed Imaginations #76

A remote lighting system from Radio Shack Reprinted from Crazed Imaginations #102

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