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The Rockypedia Props Portal

Stuff to throw or otherwise interact with at the show...rice, prop kit gear, Medusa walls...

Featured article

How to build a collapsible tank, reprinted from Crazed Imaginations #103. Article by Marty Roberts.

Making a weight set (Crazed Imaginations Issue #71)

Other things you might be interested in...

http://www.rockyhorror.com/participation/proplist.php - a humorous guide with art by Phil deJean https://www.facebook.com/ShadowcastProps - a page on building props on Facebook.
(Go to Photos; each Album is a project, with varying levels of directions - some are included; some are step by step, and some just show photos / details, which could probably be recreated by someone technically competent.)

Portal-Specific Content

PROP KITS: By carefully shopping at dollar and warehouse stores, and carefully recycling props, a Rocky cast can easily keep cost per prop kit somewhere in the 10 to 25 cent range. Of course, we're assuming your labor is free and that you don't mind your entire house smelling like toast.

Since kits usually retail for a buck ("Just a buck, what the fuck!" in the immortal words of Gene Chiovari) or even two (if you're using glowsticks or waterguns, better make it two!), this is a cheap way to raise funds for cast props or other technical gear for the show.

Theaters may balk at actually selling stuff to make a mess of their theater with, but if they have restrictions on what props are allowed, selling them in-house combined with a no-outside-props policy is a good way to keep contraband under control.

Audience Participation Props