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The Rockypedia Interviews Portal

Rockypedia features interviews with several of the folks who made Rocky Horror happen; here they are conveniently listed all in one place.

Featured article

Christopher Malcolm - The original Brad; Vance Parker in Shock Treatment; and the man who convinced Richard O'Brien that the Rocky Horror Show should be revived in the late '80s. Learn more here! (Reprinted from Crazed Imaginations)

Portal-Specific Content


Sue Blane interview - reprinted from Crazed Imaginations. Don't blame Sue - she just made the costumes! Well, there is more to it than that. Find out now.

Brian Thomson interview - reprinted from Crazed Imaginations. So what does a set designer do anyway? This one created the world that Frank, Brad and Janet live in; read the interview to find out why the castle looks the way it does. (Did you know Sue's background was in set design too?)

Richard Hartley interview - reprinted from Crazed Imaginations' Audio Issue.

Lou Adler interview - reprinted from Crazed Imaginations. Find out why rock 'n' roll impresario Lou Adler brought Rocky to the US, and what Rocky Horror has in common with Cheech and Chong.

Mick Rock interview - reprinted from Crazed Imaginations. Superstar rock photographer Mick Rock shot David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Hedwig...and Frank N Furter and the gang. Read all about it.

Other things you might be interested in...

The Richard O'Brien Crusade serves up a tasty menu of articles and interviews with Richard O'Brien . Check them out...