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The Rockypedia Costuming Portal

Welcome to the Costuming Portal!

Featured article

Check out Columbia's Closet. Maintainer Mina Smith not only sells costumes and custom embroidered patches, she posts costume research photos and provides free patterns in various sizes (noncommercial use only, please). This site won Mina the BOSS Award at the 2010 Atlantic City convention.

Portal-Specific Content

Here is where we will have portal-specific content

Other things you might be interested in...

  • http://www.homeofhappiness.com/fabric/ Source for correctly-colored multicolored sequin fabric for Columbia bustiers, commissioned by fans, for fans. Thanks to Kim Shafer and Larry Viezel for making this possible...
  • http://www.cosmosfactory.org/rocky_horror_costume_images.shtml - Cosmo's videograbs from the days of video, specifically for those doing costume work. I usually go here for the grabs of shoes and other hard-to-find items. Nowhere near as clear as the DVD (technology has moved on)...but boy, they're handy when you just have to know what Brad's loafers look like and can't be bothered with sorting through pages of BluRay grabs.