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What does FAQ mean?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. More specifically and accurately, a FAQ contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is a FAQ necessary?

This FAQ began on Usenet (the newsgroups of the Internet), where newsgroups tended to get cluttered with messages from new people asking questions that had already been answered several times. Because of this, conversations became rather cyclical. The FAQ is a document that was posted regularly, so that new users could get their questions answered easily and more efficiently, and thus save everyone unnecessary hassle.

After the decline of Usenet and the rise of the World Wide Web, the FAQ was simply posted to a web site. Now, as of April, 2011, the FAQ is a full-featured Wiki and greatly expanded!

If that's what a FAQ is, why is this necessary?

Why not? FAQs have evolved to contain more than just answers to basic questions; they are often tomes of information and trivia that even the most informed people might not know all of. The writer of a FAQ is usually a much-respected member of his or her community, and receives praise and affection wherever he or she may go. At least, that's the way it should be.

As to why this Wiki is necessary, it's not. The original author, J. Alan Pfaff, just got bored one summer and decided to have some fun. His aim was to entertain while educating... or something like that. Further authors have loving embraced this philosophy.

How can I quickly find what I want?

With the migration the FAQ to this Wiki, there is a full-featured search box in the left-hand navigation section.

What changes are planned for future versions?

You're looking at it! This section used to say that a major reworking was planned.

Who wrote this FAQ?

  • Pre-November, 1997: Jason Alan "P7A77" Pfaff
  • Post-November, 1997: Larry Viezel and Ruth Fink-Winter
  • April, 2011: Larry and Ruth continue to work their magic, now aided by James Norman and the Insider House team of Christopher Ambler, Daniel Greig and James Glendinning.

Who designed the original web page and made the graphics?

Jason Alan "P7A77" Pfaff did the original design. Most of the source graphics involving images from the movie were scanned by Jason, though some were taken from Zenin's photo archive. However, every graphic, including the background, had been in some way edited by Jason so as to fit in with the overall design. The "blood font" letters were created by making a basic letter template and using ye olde cut-n-paste.

The current design borrows a lot of the original components, brings in some open source formatting from Wikipedia, and original styling by Insider House designers including Daniel Greig.

What's the history of this FAQ?

It all started back in the summer of '93. No, this isn't the introduction to a bad romance novel. While reading messages on a.c-m.r-h (for those who never used Usenet, that's alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror), Jason couldn't help but notice the absence of a FAQ. Being the self-declared expert on RHPS that he is, he decided to do it himself. He was bored. He had nothing else to do.

Version 0 (the beta-test version) of the text version was finished by the end of the summer, and within a year, he was well on his way to Version 2. The FAQ received oodles of praise and encouragement, and grew with the help of practically everybody on the Net.

Version 3 of the text version was written to coincide with the release of Version 1.0 of the World Wide Web version. It was heavily reworked and expanded, in order to include most of the information from the WWW version. The WWW version was conceived near the end of the spring of '95, for pretty much the same reason that started the FAQ in the first place - he couldn't find any "definitive" RHPS page, and he had nothing else to do. It probably would have surfaced much earlier, except that he had become extremely overworked in the previous couple of years.

Version 3.3 introduced a re-worked web page. Same basic idea, but slightly different layout and much better graphics.

Version 3.4 marked the move to

Version 3.9z marks the final version done by Jason, and the transition to Larry.

Version 4.0 is the first revision by Larry and Ruth.

This version is the Wiki, done by the team previously mentioned, and now hosted as the Rockypedia.

Can I copy any of the information in this FAQ?

Technically, no. By law, everything posted to the Internet (at least in the United States, where we are) enjoys automatic copyright protection. That said, we have chosen to license the content of this web site under the Creative Commons, as it is not meant for profit and also represents a fan-based resource of an otherwise commercial product (the movie, itself). Under the Creative Commons license, you must give credit for anything you copy from this site, you may not use it commercially, and you may not create derivative works.

As such we encourage printing this FAQ (or any section therein) out for your cast, and other similar uses. We do ask that you not post the entire FAQ on your website, merely because then when we update it, you no longer have the most current version. There are lots of outdated versions of the RH FAQ floating around the World Wide Web on defunct pages, and it really yanks our chain when search engines find them instead of the updated original.

Can I link to the FAQ from my page?

Please do. We ask, though, that you link to the main page ( and not to any of the other pages, as we may periodically reorganize. That said, being a Wiki, we will typically redirect any changes. But, of course, the main page is the only one that is guaranteed to always work. Plus it lets people see our features, which we think are pretty cool.

Where should I send comments, bug reports, compliments, etc.?

A couple ways. If all you want to do is drop an email, works. But really, we'd much rather you join our online community at - we think it's pretty cool and would love to have you there. We have a forum where you can talk to us. We don't bite unless, of course, asked (yeah, if you had a dollar for every time you heard that...)

How should I pronounce that name?


I pronounce it as Pfaff (combining the "p" and first "f", and with a short "a", all one syllable), though many people have created their own pronunciations (Pea-Faff, Faff, Puh-Faff, Puh-Fuh-Ah-Fuh-Fuh, etc.). Make something up.


Pea-Seven-Aye-Seven-Seven. No, those aren't Z's.


Either Vee-zell (emphasis on the zell) or Vye-zell, depending on marital status.


While somewhat difficult to spell, this name is refreshingly easy to pronounce.


You're kidding, right?

Have a nice day!