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What does FAQ mean?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. More specifically and accurately, a FAQ contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is a FAQ necessary?

On Usenet (the newsgroups of the Internet), newsgroups tend to get cluttered with messages from new people asking questions that have already been answered several times. Because of this, conversations can become rather cyclical. The FAQ is a document, specific to a certain newsgroup (or cluster of newsgroups), that is posted regularly, so that new users can get their questions answered easily and more efficiently, and thus save everyone unnecessary hassle.

If that's what a FAQ is, why is this necessary?

Why not? FAQs have evolved to contain more than just answers to basic questions; they are often tomes of information and trivia that even the most informed people might not know all of. The writer of a FAQ is usually a much-respected member of his/her community, and receives praise and affection wherever s/he may go. At least, that's the way it should be.

As to why this Web Page is necessary, it's not. I (J. Alan Pfaff) just got bored one summer and decided to have some fun. I aim to entertain while I educate... or something like that.

What's the easist way to read this thing?

The FAQ is laid out fairly linearly, so going to the first section and then just following the "next" link at the end of each one should work pretty well. Additionally, a table of contents is listed in the frame on the right side of the screen, so going to specific sections shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

How can I quickly find what I want?

The Table O' Contents on the main page has a complete listing of all of the questions answered in this FAQ.

How are the version numbers determined?

Slight changes, rewordings, and corrections increase the letter value (i.e., v1.0a to v1.0b). Major reworkings of a subsection or slight changings of layout increase the decimal value (i.e., v2.0 to v2.1). Major reworkings of a section or major changes in layout increase the number value (i.e., v2.0 to v3.0).

Any changes made to the decimal will reset the letter value, and any changes to the number will reset both the decimal and the letter. For example, a reworking of a subsection in version 1.0b would create version 1.1 (not 1.1b). A reworking of a section in version 1.3f would create version 2.0 (not 2.3f, 2.3, or 2.0f).

Please note, however, that periodically I may just increase the version number for the hell of it. It's my FAQ, dammit - I'll do what I want with it.

What changes were made from the last version?

Significant Changes:

Version 5.1: Updated "Where are they now" with the passing of Jonathan Adams and updated both his and Patricia Quinn's credits.

Version 5.0: Said the hell with it and upped the version number. Updated the fan clubs section and Rocky on the Net.

Version 4.3k: Added the Naro Extended Cinema to the list of theaters that have run Rocky since 1978. Spruced up the Rocky on the Net section.

Version 4.3j: Reorganized and added dates, capsule reviews, and basic price information to the Books section in "Clubs to join: Things to read."

Version 4.3i: Increased information on Steve Reeves in the trivia section; minor tweaking of "Where are they now?"; spruced up "History of the RHS"; added Unicode to protect contact email address. Updated the RHPS cast list in "History of the RHPS" with additional RIP's for Trannies who have passed on (sigh). Minor tweaks to "Rocky on the Net." Added information on one-disc release of the DVD.

Version 4.3h: updated longest-running theater information.

Version 4.3g Added confirmation that Trevor White was Rocky's voice on the mono track for the film; added "Rock 'n' Roll Vicar" to Jonathan Adams' stage credits, and fixed up the links, adding notably more Shock Treatment and non-US links. Added information that original Rocky and several Trannies appear in the Shock Treatment audience.

Version 4.3f: Finally got confirmation that Peter Hinwood was in De Laurentiis's "Odyssey." (It was a mini-series, which is why no one found it.) Added Peter's current opinion of the film (well, at least his opinion in 1998.)

Version 4.3e: Added current Richard O'Brien and Tim Curry stage credits; updated Tim audio credits; noted that Nell went by Sonny as a teen but that it isn't her name. Added more cast names to the cast list. Added "Rocky Horror: From Concept to Cult" to the books list.

Version 4.3d: fixed bug in graphical link to home (thanks, Larry!), added additional musical/cast album info for Jonathan Adams, added info on Russell Crowe appearing in the RHS; minor update/correction to Nell theater credits. Updated copyright date.

Version 4.3c: fixed some links, added some cast names, and included new information about Richard's planned stage sequel. Noted the existence of Rocky Horror mailing lists at yahoogroups.com

Version 4.3b: added "Why do people go to the RHPS" to "Basics about the RHPS." The answer is obvious to us, but people keep asking...

Verson 4.3a: added information from Richard O'Brien interview for Crazed Imaginations. Richard confirms he never played the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, and confirms that he did play Mickey Mouse in "And They Used to Star in Movies" with Little Nell.

Updated the audio recordings for Nell and Richard, adding some really obscure ones.

Version 4.3: added information to the RHPS and ST trivia sections from a September 2001 interview with Brian Thomson. It's official: Riff offers Brad and Janet a doughnut, not a bagel, and Frank's throne does appear in Shock Treatment.

Also fixed several instances of editor Ruth's email address, fixed some minor details on the RHS page, and updated Rocky On The Net (added the newsgroup website, cleaned up the links). Added a couple of cast names to RHPS Casts.

Noted that the album Pat sang on with The Grand was unreleased and made other minor changes to Where Are They Now. Noted that Time Warp will also forward letters to the stars, and fixed Meat Loaf's birthday (oops).

Version 4.2: added art references to the Trivia section. We felt we had enough other minor updates to knock it up another decimal point.

Names of former fanzines added to the Clubs to Join, Things to Read section.

Version 4.1: Information on the new RHPS DVD has been added, a partial magazine article bibliography was added, the new video game has been added, theater information for the stars' theatrical work has been greatly updated, a section was added on famous people who've been in the Rocky Horror Show, Rocky on the Net has been seriously updated, the Interactive RH Script went 404, and Charles Gray died. It's time to knock the version number up to 4.1.

Version 4.0: The FAQ's original creator, P7A77, retired, and the FAQ is now maintained by Larry Viezel (mailto:larryv@nominex.com) and Ruth Fink-Winter.

Significant enough for you? :-)

What changes are planned for future versions?

Aside from everything marked as "under construction", some of the following additions are planned:

  • A listing of other films that RHPS-type people might enjoy
  • A section on what books have had references to RHPS
  • An indication of which movies in the actors' credits section are available on video
  • A major reworking of the FAQ, likely breaking it into several larger sections and greatly increasing the information in each section.