Sweet Transvestite

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Sweet Transvestite

Sweet Transvestite


Frank's signature number. This song originally appeared in the play before "Time Warp," though almost all productions of the play now do the songs in movie order (the script has been revised to match this).


For video, lyrics, etc. as usual, head over to Rockymusic.org : http://www.rockymusic.org/tags/Sweet+Transvestite.php

Note that due to the content, the lyrics to Sweet T have been censored on at least a couple of occasions, notably in the bewildering version of "The Sweet Song" by The Life Organisation, who manage to get through the entire song without once using the word "Transvestite," and of course, Glee, where the lyrics tell us that Frank comes from "Sensational Transylvania." Admittedly, any high school foolish enough to stage Rocky Horror would have to bowdlerize it pretty severely.