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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon at SPiN's Oct. 2009 Halloween party in New York City. Photo courtesy Shawn Stutler (the Rocky in the photo)
Role Janet Weiss (A Heroine)
Born Susan Abigail Tomalin
4 October 1946 (1946-10-04) (age 72)
New York City, New York, USA

Current opinion of RHPS:

Finds it amusing, but doesn't understand why people are so obsessed with it. She's attended the film (at the Nuart, with Natalie Portman!) and said it was like being in a room full of people with Tourette's Syndrome.
Sarandon is not, however, amused by the fact that none of the actors in the film gets anything from video or DVD sales and for some time refused to promote RHPS for this reason.

Current occupation:

World-renowned award-winning actress, supporter of various political and charitable causes. And backer of New York City ping pong club SPiN.


Sarandon has two children (Miles and Jack Henry) with long-time steady Tim Robbins (from whom she has since separated), and a daughter Eva from her relationship with filmmaker Franco Amurri. She was formerly married to actor Chris Sarandon.

Links: - A Huffington Post interview where Susan discusses being denied a White House clearance, the Occupy movement, her ping pong club, and of course is asked about Rocky Horror.

Susan Sarandon on YouTube. Includes the famous Sesame Street sequence where Susan and the Count are caught in the rain outside a castle.

It's worthwhile checking out E On-line's entry on Susan; they have who she's dated, awards, and even news articles. See also (includes a bibliography) and also .

The Ultimate Susan Sarandon Fan Page on Facebook does a nice job too.

Audio Credits:

Cats & Dogs (voice of "Ivy," 2001), Cradle Will Rock soundtrack (featuring "Croon Spoon" duet with Eddie Vedder), For Love of Julian (Narrator, 1998), James and the Giant Peach ("Miss Spider" voice, 1996), La Mama: An American Nun's Life in a Mexican Prison (video short, 2010), Little Miss Spider (Narrator, short, 2002), The Need to Know (Narrator, 1997; National Film Board of Canada), Our Friend, Martin (straight to video, animated; "Mrs. Clark"), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (film soundtrack), Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (voice of Coco Labouche, 2000), School of the Americas Assassins (Narrator of a short, 1994)

Theatre Credits:

A Coupla White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin' ("Maude Mix," Astor Place Theatre, off-Broadway, NYC, 1980-1981, with Eileen Brennan), Albert's Bridge, An Evening with Richard Nixon and... ("Tricia Nixon/Interpreter/various other roles," Sam S. Shubert Theatre, Broadway), Exit the King/Le Roi Se Meurt ("Queen Marguerite," Ethel Barrymore Theatre, Broadway, NYC, March 2009), The Exonerated (premiere, The Culture Project, 2000), Extremities ("Marjorie," off-Broadway at the Westside Arts Center, 1983; nominated for Drama Desk Awards "Outstanding Actress in a Play"), The Guys ("Joan," 2001, off-Broadway; 2002 at the Edinburgh Festival), Private Ear, Public Eye, A Stroll in the Air, Vagina Monologues (1998, off-Broadway)

Film Credits:

Alfie ("Liz," 2004), Atlantic City ("Sally," 1980, won Genie for Best Actress in a foreign film; nominated for Oscar), Anywhere But Here (1999, "Adele August"), Banger Sisters ("Lavinia Kingsley," 2002), Bernard and Doris ("Doris Duke," 2006, won an Emmy), Bob Roberts (1992, "News Anchor, Tawna Titan"), Buddy System (1984, "Emily"), Bull Durham (1988, "Annie Savoy/Narrator," nominated for Golden Globe), The Celluloid Closet (1995, documentary), Checkered Flag or Crash (1977, "C.C. Wainwright"), The Client (1994, "Reggie Love," nominated for Oscar), Compromising Positions (1985, "Judith Singer"), Cradle Will Rock ("Margherita Sarfatti," 1999), Dead Man Walking (1995, "Sister Helen Prejean," won Oscar, Best Actress; Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role), Dragonfly ("Chloe," 1976; also known as "One Summer Love"), A Dry White Season (1989, "Melanie Bruwer"), Elizabethtown ("Hollie Baylor," 2005), Emotional Arithmetic ("Melanie Winters," 2007), Enchanted ("Queen Narissa," 2007), Fight For Your Right Revisited ("Mother," 2011 - a long remake of the Beastie Boys video), Fleur Bleue (1971, "Elizabeth Hawkins", released in the US as "The Apprentice), The Front Page (1974, "Peggy Grant"), The Great Smokey Roadblock (1976, "Ginny"), The Great Waldo Pepper (1975, "Mary Beth"), The Greatest ("Grace Brewer," 2009), The Hunger (1983, "Sarah Roberts"), Igby Goes Down ("Mimi Slocumb," 2002), Illuminata (1998, "Celimene"), In the Valley of Elah ("Joan Deerfield," 2007), Irresistible ("Sophie Hartley," 2006), January Man ("Christine Starkey," 1989), Joe ("Melissa Compton," 1969), Joe Gould's Secret ("Alice Neel," 2000), King of the Gypsies ("Rose," 1978), Lady Liberty ("Sally," 1972, Italian title: La Mortadella, with Sophia Loren), Leaves of Grass ("Daisy Kincaid," 2009), Light Sleeper ("Ann," 1992), Little Women ("Mrs. March," 1994), Lorenzo's Oil ("Michaela Odone," nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe, 1992), Lovely Bones ("Grandma Lynn," 2009), Loving Couples ("Stephanie Beck," 1980), Lovin' Molly ("Sarah," 1974), Middle of Nowhere ("Rhona Berry," 2008), Moonlight Mile (Jojo Floss, 2002), Mr. Woodcock ("Beverly Farley," 2007), Noel ("Rose Collins," 2004), The Other Side of Midnight ("Catherine Alexander Douglas, 1977), Peacock ("Fanny Crill," 2010), The Player (as herself), Pretty Baby, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Safe Passage ("Margaret 'Mag' Singer," 1994), Shall We Dance ("Beverly Clark," 2004), Solitary Man ("Nancy Kalmen," 2009), Something Short of Paradise ("Madeline Ross," 1979), Speed Racer ("Mom," 2008), Stepmom ("Jackie Harrison," nominated for Golden Globe, 1998), Sweet Hearts Dance ("Sandra Boon," 1988), Tempest ("Aretha Tomalin," 1982, won Venice Film Festival Best Actress), Thelma and Louise ("Louise Sawyer," 1991, nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe; London Film Critics Circle Award for Actress of the Year), Twilight (1998, "Catherine Ames"), Romance & Cigarettes ("Kitty Kane," 2005), Walk Away Madden, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ("Sylvia Moore," 2010), White Palace ("Nora Baker," nominated for Golden Globe; London Film Critics Circle Award for Actress of the Year, 1990), The Witches of Eastwick (1987, "Jane Spofford")

Television Credits:

30 Rock (Lynn Onkman, episode "Queen of Jordan," 2011), A.D. (miniseries, 1985, as "Livilla"), All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever! ("Bitsy," 1994 - Sesame Street's 25th Anniversary), American Playhouse (in "Who Am I This Time?" as "Helene Shaw", 1982), A World Apart (soap opera, 1970, "Patrice Kahlman"), Biography (A&E series, "Rebel With A Cause," 1999), Calucci's Department (as "Samantha," episode 1.7, 1973), Children of Dune ("Princess Wensicia Corrino," episodes 1.1 through 1.3, 2003 miniseries), Earthly Possessions (1999, "Charlotte Emory"), ER ("Nora" in episode "Old Times," 2009), The Exonerated ("Sunny Jacobs," 2005), Faerie Tale Theatre, (as "Beauty" in "Beauty and the Beast," 1984), Friends ("Cecilia Monroe/Jessica Lockhart" in episode "The One With Joey's New Brain," 2001), Ice Bound ("Dr. Jerri Nielsen," 2003), June Moon ("Estelle Parsons", 1974, available on DVD), F. Scott Fitzgerald and 'The Last of the Belles' ("Alice Calhoun," 1974), Freedom: A History of Us (documentary series, "Mary Hagidorn" in episode "Revolution," 2003; Susan B. Anthony in episode "Working for Freedom," 2003), The Life of Ben Franklin, Mussolini and I ("Edda Mussolini Ciano," TV movie: aka Mussolini: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce, 1985), Malcolm in the Middle ("Meg" in episode "Company Picnic," parts 1 and 2; nominated for an Emmy), Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law ("Joyce" in episode "Burden of Proof," 1971), Oxbridge Blues (as "Natalie Carlsen" in episode "He'll See You Now," 1984), Rescue Me ("Alicia Green" as recurring character in a series, 2007), The Rimers of Eldritch ("Patsy Johnson," Great Performances, 1972 - available on DVD), Saturday Night Live (appeared in "Motherlover" video with Justin Timberlake, 2009; cameo in "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" video with Justin Timberlake), Search for Tomorrow ("Sarah Fairbanks," series, 1972), Susan Sarandon on YouTube Sesame Street (appearing with The Count, "Meryl Sheep" and Cookie Monster), The Simpsons (voiced Bart's ballet teacher in episode: "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" (episode # 6.17) 2/26/1995; voiced a computer in "Bart Has Two Mommies," episode), The Whirlwind (TV movie, 1974), Wide World Mystery ("The Haunting of Rosalind," 1973; "The Satan Murders," 1974, as "Kate"), Women of Valor ("Col. Margaret Ann Jessup," 1986), A World Apart ("Patrice Kahlman" in series, 1970-1971), The World of National Geographic, You Don't Know Jack ("Janet Good," 2010; nominated for Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award), voicing National Hockey League commercials (2000)