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Main objective: try to keep single spot on stage as much as possible. Follow main action [the emcees.]

During virgin sacrifice, have one spot cover [the emcees], while the other spot does a spread on the virgins while they are being sacrificed.


Unless Trixie is wearing something very sparkly, use only one spot. Follow spot is preferred for this since all characters mount the stage from stage right, and a shot from house right produces less of a shadow on the walls and screen during this portion. Start off dark, fading in to a dark solid red during the opening notes. When she starts to sing, fade out the red a bit, and bring up the brightness, causing her to be enveloped in a warm, soft pink.

Just follow her around , making sure when the other characters are on stage that the spotlight is large enough to catch the character nearing her a few feet away.

When the song ends, follow the lips up the screen and fade out as they do. Do a quick gel change back to clear, the wedding scene starts quickly.


Main spot comes up first, shooting Ralph and Betty, and follow spot comes up on the "Camera Trannies" when they near the couple. When Ralph and Brad step over to stage right, main spot will follow them, while follow spot dims to half on Betty. Betty will throw the bouquet, follow spot will follow the bouquet into Janet's hands and will then open up 75% bright on Janet, "I got it! I got it!"

As Betty throws the bouquet however, main spot will dim to half, until the second "I got it", then ease back to 75% bright.

After Ralph says, "so long, see ya Brad", the camera does a tight shot of Brad's face thinking main spot shot tighten the view for that shot to face height, then expand when he turns around to walk past Ralph's car.

Main spot will follow Brad during the opening of the song, while follow spot lights Trannies. Whenever Brad and Janet are close try to include them both in the light without the spot getting too large! When Janet goes into the church and becomes the main singer, main spot will follow her and catch Brad when possible . This is the same as when Brad is singing outside and Janet occasionally gets close enough to be in the shot.

CRIMINOLOGIST: This huge character is always the responsibility of the follow spot! Light him!


Main spot, chop just from the top of Brad or Janet's head (whoever is taller), and down to phantoms heads. Keep it dim, remember, they are in a car, in the middle of the night! When they exit the car, fade out, change to blue, and shoot 75% bright following Brad and Janet.

When Janet reads the sign, Brad will move to stage right. Do not follow him, keep main spot on Janet! She will eventually be nearly side by side when her and Brad are both onscreen. At this time open up to catch both characters in the main spot.

When motorcycles come through, fade to black when the first Tranny reaches the top of the stairs. Follow spot should have already set his spot with a clear, 50-70% dim light. When Riff starts to sing, follow spot should fade in to a tight shot of the upper third of Riff, then fade back out to black when Riff's song fades out.

Main spot should fade in with the bright blue as Brad and Janet reappear onscreen. Main should fade out to black, while follow spot fades in bright clear, mid-chest to head on Crim... After, "fortune had smiled on Brad and Janet and that they found the assistance their plight had required... Or had they..." Fade out follow spot and fade in bright blue on Brad and Janet at the ramp at house left.

While Riff is talking to Brad and Janet, someone will flick a rear flood light on and off to simulate when lighting is striking onscreen. As Riff stands aside, to let them in, Janet says, "you're too kind". After this line, fade out quickly, and remove the blue gel.

Bring up a 75% main spot at the house right side of the stage when Brad and Janet are in the corner, and follow spot should pick up Riff when he slams the door, then follows him onstage.


Main spot follow Riff, follow spot on Brad and Janet. On "I’m lucky, ...", main spot snap to Magenta. When she throws the feather duster, follow it with the spot to Riff. Magenta will go to Brad and Janet and will be picked up by follow spot when she gets close.

Main spot follow Riff, follow spot will follow Magenta. Do not shoot a spread across the stage for Trannies, they will get caught in the foot lights!

During the "Let’s do the Time Warp again!" chorus, snap out on the spotlights so all the characters are being highlighted by footlights. Remember the Crim! When the Crim shows on screen, kill both spotlights, and have the follow spot catch the Crim shots. The stage should be black when the Crim is onscreen. They are not in his scene!

Both spots, when following Riff and Magenta to the jukebox, should include Columbia. When Riff and Magenta duck, tighten the shot on just Columbia. During Columbia’s tap dance, both spots should shoot Columbia and follow her across stage. When she falls, open up on main spot when Magenta comes to help her up. For the remainder of the Time Warp, main spot should be on Riff, and follow spot should be on Magenta.

As the song fades and everyone falls, fade out the spots. Main spot shoot Brad and Janet when Janet says to Brad, "say something!". And will follow them back up the ramp at house right to Frank trying to not light Frank until the last moment.


When Janet sees Frank and faints, tighten in to light only Brad and Frank. When Frank starts to cross in front of the stage main spot will follow Frank. Follow spot will stay on Riff, Magenta, and Columbia at the corner of the stage.

When Frank first mounts the stage and gets to "by night I’m one hell of a lover!" fade to black or 25% on main spot, and as he shouts, "I’m just a sweet.....", go to 100% on main, then back to 75% when he reaches [the word] Transylvania.

While Frank is shaking the hands of the Trannies, Brad and Janet should try to remain close to Frank so we don’t have to excessively light the props area at stage right. When Frank throws the cup of water to the audience main spot should quickly go full bright then back to 75%. As Frank nears the stage, and Columbia gets close, main spot will pick up Columbia as well, reducing the number of spots onstage prior to the end of the throne scene.

When Frank leaves the throne, follow spot will follow Frank to the "elevator" at ramp stage left, while main remains on the throne scene. Main spot snaps out when the characters at the throne stop singing.

As Frank onscreen starts going up in the elevator fade out quickly.

Main picks up Janet and Riff, while follow spot picks up Brad and Magenta while removing their clothes. The lights should be just overlapping which will light Columbia as she comes to center stage with their wet clothing. Main spot will following them to the edge of stage then fade out, follow spot will focus on the curtain at ramp stage left as the characters all enter. When Riff drops the bottle fade out both spots.


As the elevator reaches the top, Frank appears in the middle of the stage. Main spot will pick him up. If he’s not onstage on cue, wait until he is there before bringing up the light.

Follow spot picks up characters exiting elevator. When they are all onstage, Frank will call out Magenta and Columbia’s names. The spot will be large enough so that when they step away from the group, the stoplight will not have to be enlarged. Stay on Brad and Janet, while main spot follows Frank onstage. when Frank stands in front of the tank, and Magenta and Columbia are ready to pull the red sheet from the tank, follow spot will fade out from Brad and Janet. Main spot will pick up everything until Rocky is born.

While Rocky is laying down, and the scene on screen flashes, dim main spot so it barely lights the stage during the flashing and keep it dim until Rocky sings. When Riff goes to the monitor board, follow spot should light him dimly as well, and keep him lit.

As starship [the big red thing with the colored nipples - Ed.] comes down, the board operator will fade up slowly to 75% brightness. When the starship onscreen flares up bright, fade up full on the lighting board for starship then back to 75% after Rocky growls at Riff.

Main should be out and follow spot will pick up Rocky when the starship fades out as it rises again.

Main spot will stay on stage during this scene catching Frank until he’s in the aisles chasing Rocky, and follow spot should cover Riff, Magenta, and Columbia’s antics onstage.


After the 3rd flashing red light onscreen by the freezer, main spot catches Eddie busting through the "ice blocks" at house left ramp and follow him onstage..... Keep on Eddie the entire scene following him onstage and up the aisles, follow spot will highlight Trannies and footlights will area light the stage using alternating bright colors.

When Eddie returns to the stage, follow spot will fade out and fade in on Frank, with the pickaxe, and follow him offstage as he chases Eddie to house left ramp exit, changing to a red gel at the ramp. Footlights will stay red while Frank and Eddie are offstage, and will remain up until Columbia stops screaming.

Main spot will change back to a clear gel and fade back in on Frank once he’s onstage, large enough so when Magenta helps him get off the pink gloves, she’ll be fully lit.

When Rocky rattles the elevator door, follow Frank offstage to house right ramp. When Rocky exits, to follow Frank onstage, light Frank. Follow spot will pick up Rocky and follow him onstage. When Frank struts to Rocky and gets near him, follow spot fade out, and catch Janet singing "I’m a muscle fan!", Then fade out. Towards the end of the song, Rocky holds Frank arm in arm. The follow spot will prepare for Crim’s speech. When the song ends, Frank jumps into Rocky’s arms. As the song fades out, fade out main spot.

Follow spot picks up Crim’s "life is an illusion" speech. Fades out when Janet enters her room. Main spot 75% red on Janet as she’s thrown in. Fade out, switch to 75% blue real quick while she’s viewed on the monitor by Riff and Magenta. Main fade out, the fade in 75% blue on Brad as he enters the room. Fade out and switch back to red for Janet’s bedroom scene. This shot is 50-65% bright red with the top chopped to line up even with the bottom of the screen or as low as possible without cutting characters off. Also, try to keep to left to right spread of the beam as tight as possible.

After Frank says "cross my heart and hope to die!", fade out main spot. Follow spot, fade in clear at 75% bright on Riff and main fade in 75% bright on Magenta. As Riff approaches Rocky, and Magenta is no longer in view, fade out main spot. When Riff is scaring Rocky, fade in main spot on Rocky struggling, and follow him offstage and up the aisles. Follow spot will stay on Riff and widen a bit as he approaches Magenta for elbow sex and the neck kiss. Fade out follow spot as the characters disappear from screen.

Fade in main spot, 75% blue, chopped low to the stage, lighting the middle 3rd of the stage. Keep light on Brad and Frank until Riff makes his "announcement" about Rocky breaking loose, then fade out while Riff speaks, then fade back in for, "coming!". Follow spot will pick up Riff’s announcement at 50% bright blue and fade out when he finishes.

Main spot 75% red at house right, by the stairs to the stage, catch Janet, "Brad, how could I have done this to you?". Keep main spot red and then snap to 75% white when the elevator stops at the top floor.


Main spot follow Janet to the tank, making sure the shot is wide enough to cover Rocky when he stands up. When the cameras fades on Rocky after Janet looks at Rocky then the audience, fade out main spot. Follow spot come up on Crim, catching his "emotion, ..."speech. follow spot fade out after Crim says the word "slave". Main spot then fades back up on Janet and Rocky. Keep Rocky and Janet in the same beam during the song. Follow spot will cover Columbia and Magenta on the edge of the stage, dimming down to 30% bright when they are not onscreen.

Main spot will fade out black when Janet and Rocky are "sexualizing" in the tank. Follow spot fade out when Columbia sings her "creature of the night" and the audience screams.


Main spot come up on Riff as he’s being whipped, while follow spot comes up on Frank. Main spot follows Riff as he slides across the stage. Follow spot follows Frank over to Riff. When they all return to the monitor board, fade out follow spot. After Riff says, "we have a visitor", fade up on follow spot on Dr. Scott, at house right in the wheelchair, while main spot fades out onstage. When the screen fades out on Dr. Scott, fade out follow spot, and fade back in on Frank with main spot.

Follow Frank and Brad with main spot as Frank pushes him across stage. When Frank falls down, widen the beam a bit without chopping it(!) to cover Brad as well as Frank. After Brad says, "I don’t know!", Follow spot comes up on Riff at the monitor board. Main spot follow Frank back to the monitor board, widening the shot to encompass the entire group at the monitor board.

After Frank says, "...he’ll probably be in the Zen room!", Fade out main spot, and fade in follow spot on Dr. Scott at house right in the aisles.

Fade out from Dr. Scott after he goes, "Ach!", The have main spot come up on Frank saying, "shall we inquire of him... In person!?"

After Frank pulls the lever, follow spot come up again on Dr. Scott and follow him up the aisle, and down the other aisle.

As Dr. Scott busts through the wall (jumping on stage), Brad cries out "Great Scott". At this point follow spot should quickly light Brad, then fade out and then back on Dr. Scott as he rolls to Frank. When Dr. Scott gets to Frank, main spot should cover all by the monitor board. Follow spot will fade out.

Frank gasps then turns off the magnet. Brad approaches saying, "Dr. Scott". When he says this, main spot will follow Frank over to the tank follow spot will ready for "Mouseketeer roll call", quickly lighting each character as they speak. The order of lighting characters is: Dr. Scott, Janet, Brad, Janet, Frank, and Rocky. This sequence repeats three times. When Rocky grunts for the last time, widen the spot to cover Frank and the left half of the tank. Follow spot will come up on the right side of the tank and will be the same size as main spots beam.

After Columbia gets yelled at by Frank, follow spot fade out, and main spot tighten on Frank. After Frank says, "... And I can break you just as easily!", follow spot should light the stairs at stage center, where Magenta will pop up to hit the gong.

After Frank says, "Excellent!", They show Magenta again holding the gong, wait until she is off screen again before follow spot fades out then after Frank says, "formal dress is to be optional", fade out main spot.


Follow spot: Crim appears giving his speech about food, and dinner, closing with, "bonhomie" ("bon ami") after this word is spoken, fade out again.

Main spot center on Dr. Scott and the group around them, keeping the spot on the characters around him, follow spot will handle the big throne, including Frank, Magenta, and Riff.

Footlights will either remain off at this point, or will flood red onstage. Do not follow Columbia offstage after Frank threatens her with the meat carver.


There are several quick Crim cues for follow spot during this song, doing rapid fade outs, and fade in from Crim to Frank’s throne! These cues, come after words in the song. After "tried in vain", "shooting up junk", quickly jump to Crim and return to Frank’s throne immediately after Crim disappears from the screen.

Follow spot will follow Frank when he stands and pulls the tablecloth off the table and moves to Rocky. Main spot will stay on the Dr. Scott group until Janet runs to Rocky, and will follow her. When Frank shoves Rocky, follow spot will follow him to the edge of stage right then fade out fast. Main spot will follow Frank and Janet up the aisle. Follow spot will light Brad and Dr. Scott rolling around on stage until Frank and Janet return to the stage. Main spot will then follow Frank as he goes to each character, while follow spot stays on Riff and Magenta at the monitor board.

After everyone is "frozen" fade out follow spot on Riff and Magenta. Main follow Frank by monitor board , making it big enough for to catch Riff and Magenta when the get close to Frank again. When Frank exits the stage, main spot follow Frank, main will stay on Riff and Magenta for elbow sex over Dr. Scott then fade out. Follow spot will fade off of Frank as he pulls close the curtain.

Crim now gives the "no picnic" speech, and will again be lit by follow spot.


Main spot snap in on Columbia as she starts to sing, snapping out when she sings "trouble and pain...........".

Follow spot, snap in on Rocky, and snap out on his line, "trouble and pain....". Main spot snap in on Brad, snap out after "here it comes again!". Follow spot snap in on Janet, snapping out after she finishes singing, and she blows us a kiss.


Main spot, light Frank in 80% bright clear, body shot in synch with it happening in the film! When he jumps into the pool, fade out, and then fade in a low thin light blue for "water". Frank will no doubt wander through the front rows for a while, so follow him with main spot until he returns to stage. Follow spot will fade in on Brad and Janet singing "don’t dream it...", The fade out, and fade in on Columbia and Rocky for their, "don’t dream it".

They all jump into the pool and screw around. The movie focuses on the "medusa switch" on the monitor board. As the switch falls, follow spot snap in on Dr. Scott after he sings" ...for the thrills.....!", Snap out then back in on Brad for his, "It’s beyond me, help me Mommy", snap out again, and quickly snap in on Janet for her, " God bless Lilly St. Cyr". then snap out fast.

Follow spot snaps in on Frank as he starts singing, " my, my, my, my, my, .........."and follow just him in a full body shot in clear 80% or higher lighting. When Riff and Magenta bust through the rear doors onscreen, main spot will light them. When Frank says, "I can explain!", And Riff and Magenta get shown again, main spot fade out as they disappear once again onscreen. follow spot will follow Frank to Columbia and Rocky while he speaks to them.


Follow spot, 75% bright, body shot on Frank as the music starts again, with a mild pink added in, barely noticeable. Follow Frank after Frank sings, "I’m going home" three times, the audience disappears. Main spot will come up full, no gel on Riff and Magenta coming down the aisles. Just as Riff is ready to shoot Frank, Columbia cries out. Riff turns to shoot her. At this point follow spot will snap out quick, and snap back in on Columbia getting shot. Once Columbia falls, quickly snap out, then in again on Frank. As Riff shoots Frank, follow spot will quickly cycle red gel in and out, causing Frank to flash red while being shot. The same will be done for Rocky as he climbs the R.K.O. tower. When Riff kills Rocky too, he’ll fall into the water. Quickly snap out and onto the wheelchair group for their diving scorecards. Follow Riff with main spot back to the wheelchair group. When Dr. Scott, Brad and Janet leave, follow spot will follow then to stage edge, then fade out. Follow spot will then prepare for flashback by setting a chopped low, red, bright beam just a few feet above the front row to the tops of the chairs, not actually turning it on until the Trannies jump up. Main spot will light Riff and Magenta, fading out after the "one armed elbow sex".


Get creative!