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Here is a plan I do when producing a show.

Most of the Rocky Horror Picture Shows in Maine are anywhere from one weekend to about six times a year, depending on contracts to perform I can secure.

I have placed the entire operation, if may call it, into what local community theatres put on. The first thing that I do as a Producer/Director is determine how big the show/shows will be. For example, I am in the pre-production mode for putting on a weekend of Rocky Horror, two shows a night, the end of October at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine. The production has been determined to be big so this is the plan I have worked out.

This plan is set up in a chain of command.

Production Staff:

Producer/Executive Director --- Stage Action - Artistic Director --- Technical - Technical Director/Stage manager --- Logistics - Logistics Director --- Production Level - Anything to do with Marketing, Advertising, Financial, Public Relations/Display, Scheduling.

Stage Action - Is under command of the Artistic Director. --- Cast/Actors each individual one. Direction in blocking, acting, etc. --- Costumes - Designing making and maintaining. --- Props - Designing, making and maintaining. --- Make up - Anything that has to do with it. --- The Artistic Director also directors the Stage Crew in placement of props and sets during rehearsals.

Technical - Under Command of the Technical Director --- Lighting Design --- Lighting Board (Dimmers) --- Follow Spots 1 & 2 --- Audio mixing Board --- Video System --- Projection

Logistics - Under Command of the Logistics Director --- Transportation - Of Props, Costumes, Actors to and from the Theatre --- Security - Designing and executing a security plan for the size of the show Facilities - Setting up changing and makeup areas for the cast --- Communications - The Crew needs to be able to talk freely to one another during the show. Either on the house intercom or wireless set from Radio Shack --- During the Show, The Logistics Director will also set up the Public Display area.

The producer also sets up a sign up sheet for every who is involved, down to the last person. This helps keep track of who has to what, who is in charge of what, etc, etc.

All Cast and Crew are issued stage passes that are for the cast and what his or her function is. Security can monitor to see if they belong anywhere or not.