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I've seen [RHPS] maybe 20 to 40 [times] ....unlike others, I don't keep count. I've dressed as Magenta at each showing and studied the part. On April 13, 1996 I was given the privilege to be asked to perform, without the benefit of being an understudy or having the time to really rehearse. It was a chance of a lifetime since the cast member and her understudy were both out of town that weekend. They knew I was fascinated by the part and had the costume and makeup down pat.

As to my costume and makeup. The first costume I ever used was a three dollar black dress with white lace that I picked up at a thrift store. Thrift stores are a great source for costumes. If you can't find the right costume accessory, you can at least find the material out of something else and pin it together for one night if you’re in a pinch.

My second costume was a French maid's outfit that I got from a local costume store during the post-Halloween sale for $20. It's just a short thing with a low cut bosom, came with the white lace wristlets, garter and apron. Of course black fishnets and high heels make the costume as well. But in my limited experience cheap black fishnet pantyhose from a costume shop isn't worth the money. For $6 you get something that snags and tears easily. They only lasted me 3 or 4 wearings. Go to Frederick's of Hollywood and get some good quality fishnet hosiery for the same price. If you don't want to wear the garter belt, fine. They hold up even during the time warp dance.

Shaving. I use a Lady Norelco that I got from a thrift shop to shave from the neck down. Electric razors are quicker. So what if a few hairs are missed? No one will notice. BTW the shaver cost me under $2. Thrift shops rule. However I sometimes trim my chest in the shower very carefully with a BIC disposable. Be careful the first time you try this - cuts look worse than stubble.

Makeup. The local costume shop sells many different kinds, depending on your budget. Don't get the "soap on a tongue depressor" kind. It's made of colored soap and goes on quickly and easily. It even looks halfway decent. But when you try to wash it from your eyes, it burns like a mother fucker. I use the kind that spreads on lightly. Use an eyebrow pencil with it. Don't be embarrassed to purchase makeup or shoes, because your money is just as good as anyone else’s.