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GENERAL NOTIFICATION PROCESS: Whenever notification of an advisor is essential for any purpose, it should be understood that you should attempt to contact as many of the Advisors as possible. You should also contact your department head, if you are a Transylvanian, a techie or security member.

AGE REQUIREMENT: You must be at least 18 years of age to be a performing member of MI. Exceptions to this may be made if the minor’s parents meet with cast advisors and are willing to sign an entertainment waiver and a release form indicating that they are aware of the nature of our show and sign a liability waiver.

SHOW UP PREPARED: You must make a commitment to be at the show in full costume and make up and to know all of your chosen part, and be ready and willing to perform it to the best of your ability every week, unless previously arranged with the advisors.

IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE: You must keep current with additions or changes that might affect your part.

DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY: Never show up to ANY cast function, show, meeting, appearance or rehearsal, under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug. Non-compliance with this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal from cast. If you need to be on prescription drugs at a show please inform an Advisor.

BRING EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT NEED TO THE SHOW: Arrive at each show fully prepared to do your job. This includes bringing all of the appropriate costume pieces, make up and personal props, if you are an understudy, or stand by for any character, bring all the costumes, etc. for that character as well, even if you do not plan to be playing that part that evening. Emergencies ready.

CAST CALL: Try to arrive at the theater no later than 11:30 p.m. If you know ahead of time that you will be later than that, please talk to an Advisor. If you arrive at the theater later than 11:30 PM, let your department head and Advisors know that you are there, especially Advisors, who may have made other arrangements cover you for the night.

DRESS READY DEADLINE: Be in full costume and make up, ready to perform by 11:15 PM. Tech, security and advisors are due by 10:45. Make sure you have all of your possessions out and the area cleaned up before the audience is admitted.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Neither the cast of Midnight Insanity, nor the management or employees of the Art Theater nor the Art Theater itself are responsible for your personal items. Always leave your valuables at home, or locked in your car trunk. Avoid leaving valuables, such as Walkmans, etc. on the seats or dash of your car: this may encourage someone to break in.

ATTENDANCE: You must attempt to attend all cast meetings, rehearsals if applicable and other cast functions. If unable to attend notify the head of your department. You alone are responsible to find out what happened at meetings that may pertain to you in any way.

ABSENCES: If you must miss a show please inform the Advisors at least one week in advance so that the appropriate actions can be taken. As soon as you know that you may miss a particular show, let us know in writing even if it is several months in advance. If you have an emergency and cannot make the show, try to reach an advisor, and your understudy (if applicable) or at least some reliable cast member to relay your message to the theater. If you are unable to contact anyone, either leave a message on the answering machine of at least one of the advisors, or call as soon as you are able. Failure to do so may result in dismissal or probation.

NO UNAUTHORIZED ALTERNATION OF CAST: You may not arrange to have someone else perform your part or position, whether or not they are an official understudy or alternate, without prior notification, and permission of the Advisors. Personal considerations are not acceptable as a reason to cast an understudy over a main character.

EXTENDED ABSENCES: The cast understands that you may have need of a "leave of absence" but cannot guarantee that your position will still be available upon your return. In the event that the cast fills your previous position, we will try to find another position appropriate to you, however the cast is in no way obliged to do so. While you are on a leave of absence, you will not have voting privileges nor be allowed free admission to the theater. You will also have "non-cast" status. You will not be allowed complimentary admission to the theater when you are on a leave of absence. If leave of absence extends more than four shows, you must reapply for cast membership.

THEATER MANAGEMENT: NEVER talk out of turn or "back" to the management or the employees of the Art Theater, or any theater where we are performing. Always follow their instructions first and foremost. If you have a problem with theater management or employees, please bring it to an advisor. Do not get involved in a confrontation with management.

ATTITUDES: We are all here to put on a good show, and to do so we need to put personal animosities aside and work together towards a common goal: to entertain the audience to the best of our ability, and to put on the best and most professional performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show anywhere, and to have fun doing so. These goals are not mutually exclusive. If you do not feel that this is true, then Midnight Insanity is not for you.

CUP REGULATIONS: Never bring "unprotected" drinking cups down to the stage area. "Sipper cups" (the plastic re-usable cups with the sturdy lids and straws) are the only cups approved for use around the stage. No acting cast member may bring drinks of any kind down to the stage area. Either drink in the lobby area during your breaks (major cast) or wait until your duties are over for the evening (Trannies). Props and tech people must keep their drinks away from active areas and must properly dispose of them or remove them when finished. Failure to do so will result in the revoking free drink privileges.

FREE DRINK PRIVILEGES: The privilege of free drinks for cast members is to include cast, trannies, techies, props and security only. You can not offer free drinks to friends who are not a part of Midnight Insanity. This is a special privilege offered by the Art Theater management, and is not to be abused. Failure to comply will result in loss of free drink privileges.

TRANSPORTATION: Getting a ride to and from any cast function is solely your responsibility. It may be possible for you to arrange a ride from another cast member, but no one is obligated to do so. The cast understands that it may be difficult for you to get transportation to and from cast functions, but we will not accept lack of transportation as an excuse for missing any mandatory meetings, shows, rehearsals or other arranged cast performances.

RESIGNING OR TRANSFERRING: You are requested to give thirty days notice before relinquishing a position in order to resign in good standing. This is important if you are wishing to continue at some point with MI. If you wish to change positions within the cast, there must be an opening or need in the position you are applying for. The switch must meet with the approval of Advisors and Department managers, if any. Further, you must be prepared to fulfill your previous position for a minimum of 30 days if necessary until a replacement is found. You have primary responsibility to train your own replacement and the sooner the replacement is trained, the sooner you can make the switch. If you fail to secure an alternate position in the cast, you will be considered resigned from cast after you discontinue your previous position.

PROBATION FOR NEW MEMBERS: If you are selected for membership in MI, you will need to complete a period of probation of at least two (2) months (three months for new advisors) during which, for failure to comply with all of the above cast rules or failure to perform in your position to the satisfaction of the cast, you may be dismissed. Providing cast and its advisors find no reason to continue your probationary period, you will gain the right to cast vote approximately four (4) months after your probation ends.

PROBATION FOR CAST VETERANS: All veteran cast members who take on a new position (i.e. Advisor, Trannie Coordinator, secretary, etc.) must complete a two month period of probation at that position after which they will be evaluated to decide if they should keep their new position. They do not, however, lose their voting privileges during this time.

GUEST POLICY: There are no guest passes unless approved by theater management through an advisor. Guest performers are given the same status as cast members when they perform at the Art Theater.

LEAVING THE THEATER: Other than security, advisors or specifically authorized personnel, no audience or cast member is to leave the premises of the theater as designated by the ropes at the front of the theater and the curtains at the back of the theater. Anyone who goes outside of these boundaries will not be allowed back in. Cast members may be excepted from this rule if they need to go directly to their car and directly back.

COSTUMES: You must provide and maintain your own costume. If you use borrowed or cast costuming, you will be responsible for any damage or loss. Costumes should be free of odor, wrinkles or visible damage.

PERSONAL PROBLEMS: If you have any problem with another member of the cast or an audience member please notify an advisor or security (whichever is appropriate) immediately. Leave your personal problems at the door and do not allow them to affect the show or another Cast member’s performance.

CAST MEMBERS FROM OTHER THEATERS: When associating with members of any other cast remember you represent Midnight Insanity, not just yourself, and behave accordingly. If they appear confrontational, behave politely and notify an advisor. Midnight Insanity Cast members should never say anything that could be construed as denigrating towards another cast, their members or audience.

ROLE DESIGNATION: There are three levels of casting: Main character, Understudy and Alternate. MAIN: To be considered a main character you must have acceptable levels (as designated by advisors and stage director) of character, costume, stage presence, makeup, accuracy to the movie, charisma, choreography, coordination and dependability. Acceptable levels for Midnight Insanity means that you are what we call "Convention Quality". UNDERSTUDIES: Understudies will be judged on the same criteria and given the designation of understudy when they have acceptable levels (for an understudy) of the above factors. Understudies will not be designated without possession of a full wardrobe for the part and must bring their costume with them to the theater weekly. ALTERNATE: If you are competing for a part but are missing any of the above components, you will be considered an alternate until you meet the above requirements.

AUDITIONS: Midnight Insanity will audition additional prospects until the role is filled. In the absence of an acceptable understudy, the same will hold true. Anyone eligible to be cast in a role assuming they meet cast requirements will be eligible to audition for open roles.

STAGE AND SCREEN: Nothing and no one is ever to touch the screen. This will be grounds for immediate dismissal. Cast member only are allowed on stage except during pre-show as directed by preshow team. Once audience let in starts, no one is to be on stage except tech or props setting up for the show.

CAST LIST: Do not bring your cast phone list into the theater and do not allow anyone outside of cast to have access to it.

DENNY'S RULE: This rule applies to any restaurant frequented by the cast on a regular basis. Cast only and one guest per cast member are allowed in the cast room, unless there is adequate space and the cast member take responsibility for the non cast members. Midnight Insanity Cast members are to conduct themselves in restaurants or other establishments so as not to reflect poorly on our reputation. Tipping is 25 cents for each dollars worth of items that you order. This covers tax and tip and there are to be no exceptions no matter what you think of the service. You have the option of sitting in a non cast area or not ordering at all. Do not embarrass the cast by leaving small tips as our crowd is understandably difficult to wait on. The cast member is financially responsible for his or her guests.

MEETINGS: There is a short meeting at the end of each show. Meet at the front of the theater as soon as the audience is out. Full cast meetings are Sunday nights at eight unless otherwise announced.

I have read and acknowledged these rules. I am responsible to remember, review and follow these to the best of my ability as a member of Midnight Insanity.

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