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This project was originally inspired by a paper guide from the fan club called Transylvanian University. In the "old days", this is how knowledge was transferred, other than at cons and by phone calls and letters. Now there isn't a single one of us who doesn't have the Internet as a large part of our daily life.

Rocky, too, has changed. We no longer have to deal with deteriorating physical film prints, as digital copies (DCPs) are now available. If you know the right tartan for Brad's cummerbund, it can be ordered online the same way you used to call up for a pizza. Casts can be found on Facebook, and news and information travels almost instantaneously, and pretty much any information you want, regardless of accuracy, can be found in a wiki of some sort.

And that's what the Sourcebook now is, a wiki where anyone can add or edit articles. Yes, this means YOU!

Here's the list of the original articles and their author here with the disclaimer that the original text are their words; there's the probability that a revision has someone else's words.

This list is NOT intended to be a table of contents, though all the articles that were originally in the Sourcebook are linked here.

The press/publicity kit will be done at a later date.

James Norman shall keep editorship of this wiki until September 27, 2015 (the day after the 40th anniversary) where it will be turned over to someone else.

Complaints, compliments and questions can go to

Article Title
Quick Takes (General) SPC Corey Newell/Amanda Pennell
Quick Takes (Security) Larry Viezel/Annie Random
Quick Takes (Pre-Shows) Ruth Fink-Winter/E. Bernhard Warg
How I Got Rocky Started in Sierra Vista Chip Miles
Midnight Insanity Cast Rules Mark Tomaino for Midnight Insanity
Lighting A'la Houston Annie Random
Spotlight Cues Mark Tomaino for Midnight Insanity
Zen Room Policies and Procedures Manual Christopher Ambler for Zen Room
An Outline for Putting on an Elaborate Show P.J. Paraskevas
Can I Be Frank? Jeff Cook
On Doing Magenta? "Jeffery"
Costuming and Makeup for Magenta Ruth Fink-Winter
And Now, Some Stuff Stolen from the World-Wide-Web (prop/costume checklists) Matthew J. Hall's website
The Pre-show Page Matthew J. Hall's website
Writing and Circulating a Press Release to get Media Attention Ruth Fink-Winter - blog entry,
Sample Press Release Ruth Fink-Winter