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Can I be Frank? Yes, I can! And so can you, with some determination, a little dedication and a lot of preparation. It's not easy being a good Frank, but over the years of living the part, I've developed a checklist of sorts which helps me maintain a consistent level of dependability. There is little doubt that most Frank's everywhere have a similar personal regimen which they use to prepare for a performance. However, the following information may prove useful for both the beginning and the veteran alike.

Jeff-N-F's School Of Franking (or, How To Spend A Saturday Afternoon)

Sleep in as long as possible.

Exercise and stretch routine, as you deem appropriate. Don't underestimate the importance of stretching.

Costume maintenance, as needed.

Long hot shower with facial and body scrub.

A vigorous shave, wherever you may need it (Boy George cautions that "If you cut yourself shaving, you have to wait half-an-hour before putting on your makeup.")

Manicure and pedicure. Help eliminate snagged fishnets!

Yes, caress before you dress.

Be beauty wise and deodorize. Don't you wish everyone was "Sure"?

Haircut, when needed, wig styling for those who wear them.

For the truly vain, tanning salon, dead of winter only and don't overdo it.

Run the video to practice the part you fucked up last week.

Watch Joan Crawford in "Baby Jane." Pick up a few character pointers.

Pack costumes and props. Prepare a checklist for this, so nothing is forgotten.

Set up makeup table. Should include white base, black eyeliners, blue eye shadows, black mascara, blush, red or plum lipstick, and lots of translucent powder to set and matte the finished product. Consult book on theatrical makeup procedures for best results, or see Tammy Fae Baker.

Prepare a travel outfit for Frank. This is especially important for those of us in colder climates. (Mine often include wool military uniforms and shredded Levis with riding boots.)

Eat a big meal. Denny's is hours away, and Franks need to keep up their strength.

Eat a banana. More than just a phallic fruit, the magnesium and calcium can help prevent the leg cramping caused by high heels.

Stretch again, get the muscles to loosen up in preparation for those high kicks.

Mix yourself up a martini. Watch out for those doubles -- you've got a show to do!

Put "La Cage Aux Folles" on the stereo and begin the process of makeup!

Frankie's Checklist

As someone who makes his living working behind the scenes in technical theater, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of being well prepared for a show by the consistent arrangement of costumes and properties at the theater. This [list] will allow you to verify that all pieces you need for your character not only made it to the theater, but are in a place where you will be able to find them, in a hurry, in the dark, when you're nervous [,etc.] Failure to preset items often leaves a performer looking dazed, confused, and probably naked. Below is Frank's standard list, which you may need to alter for your specific theater performance.

Place and check each item in the brief amount of time you have before the audience arrives.

S.R. = Stage Right S.L. = Stages Left (as actor is facing audience) D.C. = Down Center                                             
Scene Costumes Prop Prop Location
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Garter Belt
  • Black Briefs
  • Black Corset w/Lace
  • Ankle Bracelet (Right)
  • Pearls
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • White Heeled Shoes
  • Wig
  • Silver Lined Cape
  • Water Cup
Set S.R.

(Set S.R.)

  • Green Surgical Gown
  • Pink Rubber Gloves
  • Black Heeled Shoes
  • Martini Glass
  • Pickaxe
Set S.L.

Set S.R.


(Set S.L.)

  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers

(Set S.L.)

  • Leather Jacket
  • Black Heeled Shoes
  • Whip
  • Cigarette
Set S.L.

Set S.L.


(Set S.R.)

  • Dinner Shirt
  • Knee High Boots
  • Party Hat
  • Wine Glass
  • Ketchup
Set S.R.

Set S.R.

Set S.R.


(Set S.R.)

  • Red Corset
  • Fishnet Glove (Left)
  • Gold Sequined Glove (Right)
  • Feathered Tiara
  • Black Heeled Shoes
  • Mink Stole
  • Chiffon Scarf
  • Life Preserver
  • (7) cards
Set S.R.

Set D.C.

Set S.R.