Science Fiction Double Feature

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Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature
Scene Opening and Closing Credits


"Science Fiction Double Feature" functions as Rocky's overture, both opening and (with the reprise) closing the play and the film. People involved in the original play mention it as one of the songs Richard played on his guitar to introduce people to the project.

The lyrics are mouthed by the iconic red lips that have passed into pop culture history. The lips are Patricia Quinn's; the voice, Richard O'Brien's. "Science Fiction" is a paean to the old B movies, and it is the reason Patricia Quinn disregarded her agent's advice and auditioned for the original play. (Her response when Richard told her he'd be singing the ditty for the film: "You bastard!")

As you can see in the original shooting script, the original plans for the film were to show excerpts from all the different movies as they were mentioned in the song; some fans have created videos that do exactly that. Bill Ung put one together and presented it at the 1997 Anaheim con, and you can now find them on YouTube.

This one's fairly nice, with a few humorous touches: .

For those with short attention spans, this high-quality montage is done to the speed punk version by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and it has a nice RH tribute at the end:

Videos of various versions based on the original screenplay, as well as a version Richard O'Brien recorded for the "Rocky Interactive Horror Show" video game, can be found here:


For lyrics and the usual ridiculous assortment of goodies for Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise), go here: