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Jump to navigation Jump to search was founded in April 2011 as a site to serve the needs of the Rocky Horror Fan and Cast community. While many sites have come and gone, we felt that there was no one site that truly embraced the community by using the technology available to serve all of the needs the community has.

It is our stated mission to provide the very best tools to serve our community while providing a place for social networking and fun at the same time. This is a site where the enthusiastic fan can interact with the seasoned cast member, and everyone in between is welcome. Our goal is to provide a valuable resource to everyone.

Rockypedia is a new incarnation of the Rocky Horror FAQ, which has been in existence in various formats since 1993. See Basics about the FAQ. Rockypedia was born in its current format in April 2011 when officially debuted. is owned and run by Insider House, LLC.

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