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Where can I get cool RHPS stuff?

General Merchandise

There are various groups online that sell merchandise, including Bruce Cutter ( You've already been to eBay and etsy, of course? When buying on eBay, do comparison shop. Run-of-the-mill stuff is sometimes sold there as "RARE!" and you don't want to get taken.

TimeWarp, the UK Fan Club, maintains a list of merchandise at . You'll find stuff here you've never heard of, some of it UK only (like the Rocky Horror Show stamp issue).

And our associates at have started an Amazon store, chasing down a lot of this stuff so that you don't have to: .

The best place to find a bunch of merchandise is to go to a con. There's always a dealers' room, and Sal Piro from the Fan Club will usually have a table, together with various collectors selling/swapping stuff, and maybe a costumer or people who make wigs and accessories. Bring your checkbook.

Many casts sell merchandise, and so do many of the other unofficial clubs. Fox has an on-line store at, which includes some cool if somewhat pricey T-shirts I've seen nowhere else.

If you must go someplace mainstream, shops like Hot Topic and Spencer's have been carrying small amounts of Rocky stuff for years. Check them out (or your local comic book shop) instead of paying inflated prices on eBay.

Rocky Horror Show Merchandise

If you go to a production of the show, they may sell goodies. Otherwise, hit eBay. is worth a look; it's hard to compete with Amazon, yet they have things Amazon doesn't. Worth a visit if you're in London.


If you are looking for photos, has a good collection, including some hard-to-find autographed photos (they got Peter Hinwood, among others, to do a signing!).

If you are buying autographs on eBay, do your homework - don't pay extra for an autograph that might be faked.

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store ( in New York City, Still Things in Las Vegas ( and Cinema Collectors in Hollywood don't specialize in RHPS stuff, but they have lots of RHPS stills, if that's your thing.

Still Things has an online catalog of stills you can buy (text descriptions only). Nice selection, and they will sell you wallet-size color photos so you don't have to pay full price to buy a photo only to discover you already have it.

The website for Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store is pretty useless, but the store is a must-visit if you're in NYC (it's right next to Nell's). There's no on-line catalog, though they will send you a text listing of Rocky photos if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope (ask for the Rocky Horror List, #37).

Cinema Collectors isn't on-line (to my knowledge, anyway).

Cinema Collectors 1507 Wilcox Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 461-6516 (323) 461-6519 (fax)

Are there any pricing guides for collectors?

A couple of people have tried to put together collectors' guides, but they age out very quickly. Any guides that are pre-eBay are probably useful only as a list of stuff that's out there. If memory serves, the RHPS comic books also included merchandise lists. I can't say much good about the comic books, but that redeemed them a little.