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Rockypedia List

  • The Rocky Horror Show page should have some photos, too. Could someone see about getting the rights for some of the promo photos for one of the casts doing it now. I presume that the Globe in FL would be willing.
  • Shock Treatment should have its own page instead of being stuck in with "What about ST and other sequels?"

  • Separate pages for each star
  • Hotlinks to IMDb
  • Pages for Sue, Brian, Jim S, Richard H
  • Pages for Rayner, Perry, Chris Malcolm
  • Update the casts with info on where, when, etc.
  • We need some quizzes.
  • Intros written for each song.
  • Snappy intros written for all portals (so none say "template"). Need to do Cast, Scenes, Trivia.
  • Pages for the major conventions (Fox-run): 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th. Consider the 35th for completeness.