Once in a While

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Once in a While
Once in a While


"Once in a While" is a song that was filmed for the movie, but cut. Therefore it doesn't appear on the film soundtrack.

It's Brad's chance to pour out his heart and (as the play was originally written) decide that he's going to try to make a go of it with Janet ("the one you've found...is back again."). You can hear Barry Bostwick sing it as one of the special features on the DVD, though the footage was lost and a montage substituted for visuals.

In later versions of the play script, the lyrics end instead on a downbeat "I should have known."

After Dammit Janet, this is Brad's big number. In stagings of the play, he often sings it up as a '50s idol, backed by Transylvanians in nurse costumes (no, we don't understand it either). During the Broadway revival, he was backed up by Janets that changed costume into Franks and Brad's lyrics had to fight against verses from "I Can Make You a Man." I'm not saying I liked it but it was interesting.

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