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Mick Rock is an iconic 1970s rock and roll photographer, best known for his photos of Queen, David Bowie, Blondie and the Ramones, and (among our set) Rocky Horror. Check out his work at http://www.mickrock.com/. When film "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" needed a glam rock photographer to get the right look, you know who they called.

Mick Rock with Broadway RHS soundtrack producer Jeffrey Lesser and Lesser's daughter. (Photo: Ruth Fink-Winter, May 2001, from Crazed Imaginations #70)

Mick Rock was the "special photographer" on set, and he took many of the iconic photos fans love, including those from poster magazines 2 and 3 (for which he was never paid!). Rocky Horror photos were included in a couple of his photo books, he released a couple of calendars, and he released an all Rocky Horror book in Germany called "Rocky Horror" in 2005. If you didn't buy it then, sorry - last time we looked at Amazon it was selling for $2700 (wish I was kidding). Try http://www.amazon.de for a more reasonable price - but it'll still cost you most of $150 plus shipping.

Rock started releasing calendars after attending the Broadway revival of the Rocky Horror Show in 2001, when he renewed his acquaintance with Richard O'Brien and presumably realized fans still loved his work after a bunch of us got all fanboy on him. Crazed Imaginations did an interview in issue 80 (April 2002); check it out here. Rock attended the 30th anniversary convention ("Cirque du Rockeil") in Las Vegas, snapping numerous pictures we hope to see someday.