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Magenta: A Domestic
Actor Patricia Quinn

For those of you wondering, a Magent-er is one who Magents. I've thought of having that put on my business cards...

When the 2000 Broadway revival was auditioning, their character sketch noted "without her brother, she's nothing." Many of us beg to vehemently disagree.

Magenta was originally played by Patricia Quinn, who doubled as the Usherette, which is still done in many versions of the play. Author Richard O'Brien chose the name because he thought it was pretty; the female henchperson role was split into Columbia and Magenta (perhaps this is why Magenta has so few lines?).

From the 1984 Audience Participation poster, Sal Piro notes:

"A domestic. The castle's live-in maid and serving wench. Black dress, white apron.

Welcomes the unnatural attentions of her brother. "What's your favorite color?" (If black is your favorite color, this part is for you.)"