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Eddie: an Ex-Delivery Boy
Actor Meat Loaf

This is the role Richard O'Brien originally imagined for himself. Played by Paddy O'Hagan at the Theatre Upstairs, then memorably by Meat Loaf at the Roxy and in the film.

Eddie is the brain donor for Rocky; Frank "[split] his brain between the two of them."

Here's Sal Piro's description of the character from the 1984 Audience Participation Poster: "An ugly greaser type. A low-down, cheap little punk (Yeah, punk!).

He's an ex-delivery boy, born to serve. He's Dr. Furter's first creation BR --Before Rocky-- and he really stands out at dinner. "Oh no, not meatloaf again!"

(If you're a rock 'n roller, like leather and have to get home early, play Eddie.)"