Doctor Frank-N-Furter

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Doctor Frank-N-Furter

Doctor Frank-N-Furter: a Scientist
Actor Tim Curry

First incarnated by Tim Curry, who was Frank in the original play, the Roxy, the film, and the Belasco.

Richard O'Brien apparently based the character in part on his mother.

Tim says he found the role once he put on the shoes; he had some trouble finding the correct accent to use but after going through various options went with a plummy upper crust English one.

Sal Piro writes in the 1984 Audience Participation poster:

"The film's leading...transvestite. Rocky's founding father. A man of "both persuasions".

Sequined corset with spangles, ermine stole, garters, ratty mesh stockings and heels.

His motto: "It's no crime to give yourself over to pleasure."

"It *is* in New Jersey!"

(If you're overly fond of yourself, this part is for you.)"