Doctor Everett V Scott

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Dr. Scott (Dr. Everett Von Scott)

Dr. Everett V. Scott: A Rival Scientist
Actor Jonathan Adams

This is the Dr. Scott page. The "Von Scott" implies that Dr. Scott is a Nazi; in many of the versions of the play this is played up, making Dr. Scott more of a Dr. Strangelove character.

Nazi scientists like Dr. Scott (the best-known is Wernher Von Braun) became an important part of the US missile and rocketry programs after World War II; Google "Operation Paperclip" to learn more.

Sal Piro describes Dr. Scott in the 1984 AP poster: "Brad's ex-professor, Eddie's uncle and a government agent. Could he have known Dr. Furter in another life? Or concentration camp?

"Or could it be Dr. *Von* Scott?" (A great character to pick if you hate walking...or if all the good parts are taken.)"