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On November 11th, 2009, Amber Does Dallas brought Repo! The Genetic Opera and the cult phenomenon to the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the majestic Lakewood Theater. With a cast of experienced shadowcasters, cosplayers, and beautiful theatrical backdrops, Amber Does Dallas brought the movie to life. The show proved to be a hit, expanding from monthly performances to bi-monthly performances in March of 2010.

On September 24, 2010, Amber Does Dallas expanded their repertoire, premiering their version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time to a packed house. This marked the first time in six years that a shadowcast had presented regular performances of Rocky in Dallas. Just over a month later, on October 29, 2010, Amber Does Dallas held their first Science Fiction Double Feature of both The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera to an enthusiastic crowd at the Lakewood Theater.

Since that time, ADD has become a fixture on the local convention circuit, having performed at All-Con, A-KON, Yule-Con and Texas Furry Fiesta. We have also provided musical entertainment at events such as The Dallas Zombie Walk and venues such as The Rose Room and The House of Blues!

Come and see the cult phenomenon that is sweeping the nation! Be prepared to sing, dance, yell obscenities, and above all – have fun! See you at the Opera! ;)

Contact Information

Lakewood Theater
1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, TX 75214-6620



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